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About Us

Who are we?

We are on a mission of demystifying the unnecessary complexities of the wine world. 

We hate soul-less wines and bad food.

It’s our aim to bring back the joy of discovering, drinking and enjoying amazing wines without any of the pretentious fuss.

We are casual and laid-back.

We don’t like giving lectures, we do love good conversations. 

We are constantly learning by eating and drinking, it’s on our DNA.

We are Uncorked Vines.

Our Team

Have a look at the awesome people who run the whole operation!

Javier Rocafort Owner / Sommelier
Passionated, well travelled,  a foodie and wine lover who can’t sit still for long periods of times – just a few words to describe the captain of our team!
Nicolas Usubillaga Sommelier / Tour Guide
Overly charismatic with over 10 years of experience, a profound knowledge about wines and with more than a thousand tours under his belt, Nico will definitely charm you!
Amauri De Souza Sommelier / Tour Guide
Our newest addition to our team, Amauri is a charismatic and passionate sommelier that will show you all the culinary and wine hotspots of his beloved city of Porto!